Perform building and rooftop surveys for residential & commercial Real Estate. Evaluate leaks, rooftop condition, and new installations. Easily collect valuable data for actionable decisions. Combining rootop photography with orthomosic mapping can further expand the information accessible at your fingertips. 

We will tailor a custom quote to your needs. The standard inspection rate is $250
Each Roof Inspection Includes:
  • Detailed photos of all external vents, gutters, material condition, etc.

  • Easily identifiable damage such as granule loss, exposed nails, seal condition, flashing condition, penetrations, cracks, and overall material condition.

  • Recommended evaluation repair by a qualified roofer.

Each Roof Report Includes:
  • Calculated pitch, square footage, & linear measurements.

  • Identified roof components including ridge, flashings, eaves, gutters, valleys, rakes, etc.

  • Identify slope counts, square footage by section, and difference in slopes.

  • Close-up, detailed photographs of the roof.

  • Detailed Orthomosaic Image of the roof.

  • 3D models upon request.

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